Exercises may reduce bunion pain

Before resorting to bunion surgery, individuals should try more conservative methods of pain reduction. 

Exercises may reduce bunion pain Just like any other parts of the body, stretching and exercising the toes can lead to increased flexibility and strength.

EverydayHealth.com reports on some exercises that may help individuals alleviate bunion pain and possibly promote mobility in the joint. Khurram Khan, D.P.M. told the news source that individuals should think of the moves as physical therapy for bunions.

"You always want to start out with conservative therapy," said Khan, quoted by EverydayHealth.com. "You never want to jump into surgery."

First, try pointing toes straight for five seconds, then curling them under for the same amount of time to keep toes limber.

Additionally, the podiatrist recommended simply holding the big toe in its proper position for 10 seconds, then letting go and repeating three or four times.

An article on MedicineNet.com reports that gently pulling toes toward you using a towel slung around the tips of the feet may be an effective exercise for bunions. Also, try picking up a marble or a pencil using the toes to help improve fine movements.

Combining these exercises with use of bunion splints or orthotics may be an effective, non-surgical way to alleviate bunion pain. 


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