What do foot health and sexual satisfaction have in common?

A University of California, San Diego study links sexual satisfaction with healthy aging.

What do foot health and sexual satisfaction have in common? Previous research has indicated that older individuals who retain their mobility - influenced by an absence of bunions, physical activity throughout life and solid physiological structure - remain in good spirits as they age. 

Now, a team of scientists at the University of California, San Diego has found that sexual satisfaction may also be associated with healthy aging.

"While we cannot assess cause and effect from this study, these results suggest that maintaining a high level of sexual satisfaction may positively reinforce other psychological aspects of successful aging," said co-lead author Wesley Thompson, Ph.D.

The researchers examined the self-reported age-related data of 1,235 post-menopausal women. They found that while ability and frequency of sexual activity may decline, a total of 60 to 67 percent of females aged 60 to 89 said they were "moderately" to "very satisfied" with their sex lives.

Bunions and hammer toe are age-related conditions which can have a detrimental effect on sexual satisfaction, especially for aging foot fetishists. Luckily, bunion splints or orthotics may help prevent or correct bunions or hammer toe, without the need for painful bunion surgery

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