Researcher tests efficacy of minimalist shoes

Shoes meant to improve biomechanics are sometimes recommended for individuals with bunions, but do they work? 

Researcher tests efficacy of minimalist shoes Nicci Daly from Dublin’s Institute of Technology recently conducted a study to determine how much an individual can benefit from minimalist and specialty shoes meant to improve an athlete's biomechanics, according to the Irish Times. 

She discovered that while the footwear may be helpful for some individuals, it may be best for runners to train themselves to land on their midfoot.

“By running this way, slightly falling forward, you’re co-operating with gravity and putting less stress on the body rather than running back in an upright position where gravity is pulling straight down on your body," said athlete Catherina McKiernan, quoted by the news source.

Road Runner Sports recommends choosing shoes that are suited for individual needs in order to achieve a balance gait. This may involve simply trying on multiple pairs and asking salespeople at the store if you can take a quick jog down the block.

Individuals who have been told to try minimalist or specialty shoes in an effort to correct or ease pain stemming from their bunions may want to test out more than a few pairs. Additionally, bunion splints or orthotics may help prevent or correct bunions without the need for bunion surgery

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