Mothers, don't let your daughters wear heels - they might get bunions

While manufacturers are making high heels in tiny sizes, it's not a good idea for young girls to wear them. 

Mothers, don't let your daughters wear heels - they might get bunions Parents of young girls who have been idolizing Suri Cruise for her penchant for kitten heels may want to take heed, as this may lead to bunions or hammer toe at a very early age for little ones. 

In a blog article on the Huffington Post, podiatrist Neal Blitz reported that children have soft bones, which may make them more susceptible to deformities if they wear inappropriate footwear.

"Simply put, bone growth occurs from a cartilaginous precursor that becomes calcified and hardened. The softer growing bone can be deformed and misshapen by external forces (such as high heels). This is the physiology behind the Chinese foot binding," Blitz wrote in his post.

He noted that kids typically reach skeletal maturity at age 14, but that high heels still may not be a good idea at this point.

The Children's Hospital Boston reports that while bunions are most common in older women, girls between the ages of 10 and 15 are also known to develop the deformity. The medical institution recommends that parents try non-invasive methods of bunion correction for children.

One way to avoid bunion surgery is through the use of bunion splints or orthotics. Additionally, the Bunion Aid by Alpha Orthotics is adjustable to fit feet big and small. 


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