Young Hollywood gets into the bunion-inducing business

Stuart Weitzman shoes have been giving women bunions for decades, and the brand now has some help from young starlets. 

Young Hollywood gets into the bunion-inducing business Luxury shoe brand Stuart Weitzman recenly announced that Scarlett Johansson, Michelle Trachtenberg, Hayden Panettiere and Olivia Palermo have each designed a pair of high heels in the name of charity.

The celebrity-designed shoes will be sold to benefit the Folkman Institute in Boston, with proceeds specifically going toward research on ovarian cancer.

Johansson developed a pair of sky-high, red, patent leather oxfords with cutouts on the sides, while Trachtenberg went classic yet daring, designing blue snakeskin pumps with a line of rhinestones up the back of the heel.

Panettiere thought up some black suede ankle boots with a metal embellishment, and Palermo designed simple strappy heels decorated with small red feathers.

While these shoes may make others envious of your style, they may also give you bunions. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons reports that the pressure placed on the ball of the foot when a woman wears heels can exacerbate bunions or hammer toe.

Luckily, bunion splints or orthotics have been known to help prevent or correct bunions without the need for painful bunion surgery.

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