Reducing the appearance of bunions may boost self esteem

Bunions and hammer toe are an all too common source of embarrassment, so a bunion splint may be the key to a positive self-image. 

Reducing the appearance of bunions may boost self esteem If you've ever felt the shame of wearing close-toed shoes at the beach or declining to try on a pair of sandals on a shopping trip, you know that bunion pain extends far beyond the physical aspect. 

Moreover, many people find the foot to be an erotic part of the body, so bunions or hammer toe may even get in the way of a healthy sex life, which may cause more distress than having to give up Jimmy Choos for orthotics.

The first thing that individuals who are embarrassed by their bunions should remember is that they are not alone. It is estimated that about one-third of people experience bunions, and the deformity occurs more often in women.

Secondly, painful and costly bunion surgery is not the only option to correct bunions or hammer toe. While the operation may be recommended for individuals with severe deformities, the condition is often correctable when treated early on with bunion splints or orthotics. 


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