Individuals with bunions may have trouble sleeping

Bunions often lead to back pain, which may mean trouble sleeping for some people. 

Individuals with bunions may have trouble sleepingIf you have bunions, you likely come home from a long day at work and sigh in relief at being able to kick off your shoes and relax. But when bedtime rolls around, back pain - which can stem from imbalanced landing mechanics due to the bony deformity - may get in the way of achieving a good night's rest. 

Covenant Health System has reported that these individuals may want to try sleeping on their back if they normally rest on their side or stomach.

The group reported that back-sleeping can place the spine in a neutral position, taking stress and pressure off the head, neck and vertebrae.

Sleeping on one's side is okay, but can cause shoulder pain and wrinkles. Stomach-sleeping may be the worst, since it flattens the lower back and forces the head to one side, twisting the spine in an unnatural position, according to Covenant.

Individuals with bunions should know that they can wear Alpha Orthotic's Bunion Aid while sleeping. Combine this with sleeping on one's back, and bunion-sufferers may achieve comfortable, pain-free rest in a matter of weeks. 

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