Orthotics may alleviate back pain

An abnormal gait stemming from bunions or other foot conditions may be the root of lower back pain. 

Orthotics may alleviate back pain An article in Dynamic Chiropractor reports that many chiropractic visits should begin with a look at the feet, since an imbalanced gait can lead to other musculoskeletal problems, including knee and back pain. 

This may be due to the fact that all lower extremity joints are connected and, as such, can affect one another. The article stated that orthotics may be an effective solution.

"Orthotic support for the metatarsal arch can improve biomechanics in all weight-bearing joints," the article stated.

Additionally, the news source reported that such supplemental devices may help individuals heal correctly following an operation. For instance, a back surgery patient may want to consider using orthotics post-operation in order to help the spine heal in proper alignment.

The Mayo Clinic recommends physical therapy or exercise to alleviate lower back pain.

Often, people experience an imbalanced gait due to bunions or hammer toe, which can alter the way an individual walks. Bunion splints or orthotics are known to be non-invasive treatments for the deformities, and may help people avoid painful bunion surgery


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