Can bunions predict the weather?

Barometric pressure has been known to cause joint pain, so it's possible that some individuals' bunions may be clairvoyant when it comes to the weather. 

Can bunions predict the weather? Research has suggested that barometric pressure - or the measure of air weight - has the ability to cause joint pain and even throw hips significantly off balance, according to Arthritis Today. 

The news source also reported that a 10-degree temperature decrease can potentially cause incremental increases in arthritis pain, though the medical community isn't sure why.

This may come as no surprise to individuals who have or know someone who has had a bone-breaking injury. Often, these people say that they can feel it when the weather is about to change. So, can a bunion be more accurate than the weather man? Perhaps so, according to a News and Star author.

Anne Pickles, writer for the UK news source, said that a friend of hers accurately predicted the early onset of autumn with her bunion pain.

"I can feel it in my feet. Dull ache, rain. Throbbing pain, autumn,” Pickles quoted her friend as saying, reported by the news source.

This benefit probably does not make bunion pain worth it for some. Luckily, bunion splints or orthotics may help reduce the appearance of bunions without the need for bunion surgery.


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