Louboutin denied injunction, continues to exacerbate bunions

Designer Christian Louboutin recently requested a judge to impose a preliminary injunction meant to prohibit other designers from creating shoes with his trademark red outsole. 

Louboutin denied injunction, continues to exacerbate bunions It appears as though Yves Saint Laurent has won the battle over shoes with cherry-red undersides, as a judge recently denied Christian Louboutin's attempt to prevent his rival design house from choosing the bright hue for its upcoming collection, according to media reports. 

The New York judge said that Louboutin's trademark on red-soled shoes was too broad and that prohibiting others from using the detail could potentially stifle healthy competition in the fashion market.

"Louboutin’s claim would cast a red cloud over the whole industry, cramping what other designers could do, while allowing Louboutin to paint with a full palette," said Judge Victor Marrero in his ruling.

The judgement will likely not stop Louboutin from continuing on his mission to create the highest bunion-inducing heels in the fashion world.

Lovers of the red-soled heels who experience bunions may want to consider using bunion splints or orthotics, which may help them correct their deformity and avoid painful, costly bunion surgery


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