Correcting bunions may improve quality of life for foot fetishists

For people who are turned on by the smell and sight of a foot, bunions or hammer toe may present bigger problems than finding shoes that fit. 

Correcting bunions may improve quality of life for foot fetishistsFoot fetishes are a relatively common and completely harmless form of sexual expression. However, if you're in a relationship with someone who gets all hot and bothered at the sight of your feet, you may be especially embarrassed by your bunions or hammer toe

An estimated 68 million people worldwide are sexually aroused by feet, according to The Maryland Podiatry Center reports that about 33 percent of individuals experience bunions. These statistics suggest that there may be a significant need for bunion correction among foot fetishists and their partners.

Bunion splints work by holding the foot's metatarsal bone at the correct angle, redirecting the joint of the big toe back into a normal position. The device has been shown to help individuals avoid bunion surgery, which is sure to leave unsightly scars.

You never know, a bunion splint might even become a welcome addition to your naughty nighttime routine, since the hinged design of the Bunion Aid allows users to walk or rest while wearing it. 


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