Bunion surgery may keep you from driving for six weeks

UK researchers conducted a study to determine the appropriate amount of time bunion surgery patients need to wait before getting behind the wheel.

Bunion surgery may keep you from driving for six weeksIndividuals with bunions may have one more reason - aside from the pain and cost - to avoid bunion surgery, because researchers at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary have found that the average patient needs to wait about six weeks following an operation before they can safely drive.

The study discovered that the foot is able to apply the brake with the same efficiency as before after about a month and a half.

"However, it is extremely important for all patients to discuss when they can return to driving with their surgeon after having any type of surgery to their foot," said the study's co-author Graeme Holt.

While some people may feel confident in their ability to drive after just a couple of weeks, the research suggests that this is not a good idea because the vast majority of participants had slower reaction and braking times at that point.

For individuals who want to prevent or correct bunions or hammer toe without the need for bunion surgery, bunion splints or orthotics are available to reduce the deformities. 


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