Podiatrist offers new method of bunion surgery

Individuals who have been avoiding a bunion correction operation due to possible scarring may want to contact podiatrist Emmanuel Sergi.

Podiatrist offers new method of bunion surgeryA New York podiatrist has developed a new technique for bunion surgery which forgoes a dorsal incision on the foot, giving patient a less-visible scar following the operation. 

Typically, bunion surgery leaves individuals with a scar on the top of their foot. Instead, Emmanuel Sergi performs the operation from the inside of the foot, making the incision point less visible.

"For the first eight to nine weeks after surgery, patients will see a small scar. After one year, there will be virtually no visible scar," Sergi said.

Additionally, the podiatrist removed excess tissue from the affected area, resulting in a smoother scar.

If the thought of the operation makes you squeamish, it may be worth trying bunion splints or orthotics before going under the knife. Most podiatrists recommend conservative treatment before undergoing surgery due to the pain and risks of the operation.

Additionally, bunion splints may help individuals heal correctly following bunion surgery. 


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