NY Magazine wonders whether Rick Perry has bunions

Texas Governor Rick Perry has been known for his black cowboy boots, but he recently traded them in for orthopedic shoes. 

NY Magazine wonders whether Rick Perry has bunions Rick Perry recently had a major back operation and appears to have tossed out his signature boots for something a little more comfortable, The New York Times pointed out. 

The news source reported on speculations of whether Perry is having difficulty recovering from the surgery and how that may affect his presidential run.

New York Magazine said that the governor's new conservative footwear may get in the way of his tough-guy swagger, as he appears more like a grandfatherly type trying to ease his bunion pain.

In all fairness, aides of the presidential hopeful have denied that Perry's recent change in footwear is a sign that he's in poor health.

“He wears shoes that are comfortable,” said his aide, quoted by the New York Times. “It’s nothing more than that.”

If Perry does have the bony deformity, he may want to consider using bunion splints or orthotics, which may help him avoid another operation: bunion surgery

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