Don't be pigeon-holed by your age

Aging does not have to be about gray hair, bunions and memory loss.

Don't be pigeon-holed by your age Today's medical cosmetic advances have made some of the ill-effects of aging a thing of the past. Additionally, attitudes about getting older appear to be keeping up with the times. 

An article in reported that seniors are not held down by stereotypes about people in their age group. In fact, they appear to be embracing their life changes and taking control of their well-being.

Research published in The American Journal of Psychiatry stated that if a person has a physical factor under control by the time they hit 50, they will likely retain health in that area for the rest of their lives.

The University of Iowa Health Care has reported that staying active, eating right and having a social life are all things that can keep self-esteem high into the golden years.

Older adults who experience bunions may have a lower quality of life than their narrow-footed counterparts, which may get in the way of positive aging. These individuals may want to consider bunion splints or orthotics, which may help prevent or correct bunions or hammer toe without the need for bunion surgery

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