Women are embarrassed by foot issues other than bunions

A recent report reveals that big-footed ladies are going online to buy their footwear out of shame of their shoe size.

Women are embarrassed by foot issues other than bunions After noticing that size nine shoes were selling out much faster online compared to stores, department store Debenhams conducted research to determine why this was occurring, and whether women's feet are actually getting bigger. 

They found that oftentimes, women were turning to internet venues to buy their footwear out of embarrassment of having to ask salespeople to find models in larger sizes than were available on display in stores.

Luckily, shoe manufacturers seem to be keeping up with the number of women with bigger feet.

"The materials and techniques now available [mean] that the majority of shoes can made strong and comfortable enough in larger sizes which would have been unimaginable just ten years ago," said the store's spokesperson Carie Barkhuizen.

Luckily for large-footed women with bunions, Bunion Aid by Alpha Orthotics is adjustable and fits individuals of all shapes and sizes. Additionally, the device, meant to prevent or correct bunions, is available online. 


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