Older adults value body function over form

Young people often want to stay in shape to look good, but a new study suggests that older people just want full function - which can be hindered by bunions. 

Older adults value body function over form Bunions are both unsightly and can compromise movement in the foot. A new study by researchers at Baylor University suggests that it may be the latter problem that matters most to older adults.

A team of scientists found that with age, individuals tend to feel better about themselves if they are able to remain active and have full movement in their joints, compared to how they value ripped abs or toned arms.

The researchers noted that exercise may be a key component in retaining both a lean physique and a well-functioning body.

"The study provides support to promote increased physical activity for older adults and provide effective programming to increase physical activity rates of older adults. Increases in physical activity improve satisfaction in both body appearance and function," said study author Renee Umstattd.

Individuals who wish to reduce the appearance of their bunions as well as regain full movement of their big toe joint may want to consider bunion splints or orthotics, which have been shown to help people avoid costly, painful bunion surgery


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