Can bunion splints reverse aging of the foot?

Bunions most often occur as a result of aging, but a Cambridge University researcher reports that aging is a curable disease.

Can bunion splints reverse aging of the foot? Earlier this year, a study published in the journal Arthritis Care and Research revealed that bunions often develop in people as they age. Given that the deformity is progressive, this makes sense, but does it mean that bunions are unavoidable? 

Perhaps not, according to Aubrey de Grey, author of End of Aging. The researcher believes that aging is a disease that can be alleviated with diligent upkeep of the body.

"It's a repair and maintenance approach to extending the functional life span of a human body," de Grey said, quoted by The Daily Galaxy. "Once you have a sufficiently comprehensive panel of interventions to get rid of damage and maintain these things, then, they can last indefinitely."

Bunion splints and orthotics have been shown to effectively prevent or reduce the appearance of bunions or hammer toe, often seen as inevitable signs of getting older.

It may be possible for individuals to turn back the hands of time when it comes to their feet by using these devices, which may also help them avoid painful, costly bunion surgery


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