Summer clogs may help conceal bunions

Clogs may be a great solution for bunion-sufferers who want to stay stylish this summer and into fall. 

Summer clogs may help conceal bunions Last year, Chanel released a black leather clog with a dark wood high heel. Since then, incarnations have been designed by Louis Vuitton and Sarah Jessica Parker has been spotted sporting a pair of Swedish Hasbeens, reports UK newspaper The Star. 

British style expert Brix Smith-Start told the source that it's important to keep the look up-to-date in order to avoid looking too "granola."

“Wear yours in an unexpected color, like silver, if you’re going for the classic closed-toe clogs,” said Smith-Start, quoted by the news source.

Style blog has reported that clogs should have a heel to avoid looking dowdy or - even worse - like Crocs. They point to a Chanel version with a linen upper portion embellished with a rhinestone brooch.

While the advice to wear heels may not be good for individuals with bunions, clogs do offer ample toe space, which may ease pain for people with the bony deformity who still want to add some height to their stature.

Additionally, bunion splints or orthotics may help prevent or reduce the appearance of bunions without the need for costly bunion surgery.  

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