Is your summer footwear supportive enough?

Sandals and skimpy flats may look great with sundresses and shorts, but they may be a main cause of foot pain. 

Is your summer footwear supportive enough? Summer means flip flops, strappy sandals and ballet flats for many women. However, such footwear is often lacking in arch support, which may cause or exacerbate foot pain, bunions, hammer toe or plantar fasciitis. 

Boston podiatrist Jordana Szpiro said to choose stable shoes that provide good support.

''Summer footwear can cause foot problems or exacerbate existing foot problems because people tend to be more active in less supportive shoes, or they want to be barefoot. The cardinal rule for the majority of musculoskeletal foot problems is never to go barefoot," Szpiro said.

Making sure a shoe fits properly is also key in preventing foot problems. Women who like to wear heels at work may want to consider doing their commute in flats and changing once they get to the office, Szpiro said.

Women who wish to prevent or correct bunions in a non-invasive way may want to consider using bunion splints or orthotics. 

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