Stylists with bunion need to maintain a fashionable look

People who work on their feet often experience bunions, which can pose some problems for those who need to be stylish on the job. 

Stylists with bunion need to maintain a fashionable look Hairdressers and fashion retail workers spend hours on their feet, consulting with clients and customers and helping make the world a more stylish place. But what are these individuals to do when they develop bunions or hammer toe

Bunions or hammer toe have been known to put a damper on a person's ability to wear high heels, strappy sandals or footwear with pointed toes. Additionally, wearing such shoes can exacerbate bony deformities.

Men and women in the hair and fashion industry need not fret, however. All they need to do is follow some simple guidelines to reduce foot pain on the job.

First, they should always look for shoes with wide toe boxes. This may mean skipping over the narrow-toed shoes in favor of some trendy rounded ballet flats or perhaps some loafers or boat shoes with square toes.

Arch support is also a must for these workers. If a favorite pair of shoes fits well but looks like it's made for the flat-footed, consider adding orthotics to help provide extra stability.

Additionally, bunion splints can help prevent or reduce the appearance of bunions, which may both alleviate foot pain and allow individuals to wear the latest in shoe trends. 

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