Bunion assessment tool available on Alpha Orthotics website

The Manchester scale is a widely used tool that allows individuals to assess their bunions. 

Bunion assessment tool available on Alpha Orthotics website Individuals who are unsure of whether they have a bunion, or are wondering about the severity of their bunions, may want to consider printing out a tool called the Manchester scale, which is available on the Alpha Orthotics website. 

The scale represents four degrees of bunion severity, ranging from no deformity to an advanced bunion. Individuals can place their foot on the scale to determine whether they have a mild case of hallux valgus or if their bunions are considered severe.

Gaby Federal, president of Alpha Orthotics said that the scale is useful not just for assessing a bunion, but for tracking the efficacy of a bunion treatment, such as a bunion splint or orthotic.

"Early prevention of a bunion can reduce bunion pain and help avoid bunion surgery. The re-test reliability [of the Manchester scale] is encouraging, as well, so the scale can be used to measure the progress of bunion treatment over time," said Federal.

The Bunion Aid is specially designed with a hinged splint, which allows users to walk while wearing it. Additionally, it is adjustable so it fits properly to feet of all sizes.

Individuals with no deformity but are at risk of developing a bunion due to family history may want to consider using a bunion splint or orthotic as a proactive measure against the bony deformity. 


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