A professional-looking pedicure may detract attention from bunions

Just because a person has bunions doesn't mean they can't have pretty toes.

A professional-looking pedicure may detract attention from bunions One of the greatest joys of the warmer months is feeling sand or grass between the toes and being able to wear the latest trends in fashionable sandals. Unfortunately, many who experience bunions don't feel this way due to embarrassment about their bony protrusions. 

It's amazing what a great pedicure can do, however. Toes that are polished in the hottest seasonal shades may take the attention away from bunions or hammer toe and have people noticing great style instead.

A pedicure typically begins with a soak in warm water, which can be supplemented with bath salts, essential oils or a mild soap. Then, shape toenails with a file and remove dead skin around the nail bed before buffing nails into a shiny finish.

It's also a good idea to use a pumice stone on the heels or any calloused areas directly after a soak since this is when the skin is softest.

Once everything is clean and smooth, choose a shade of nail polish in a trendy color like bright yellow, deep coral or even a turquoise. Apply two coats and finish off with a clear polish to help the pedicure last.

If bunions are still an annoyance, consider bunion splints or orthotics, which may help reduce the appearance of the bony deformity without the need for bunion surgery

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