Individuals should be aware of bunion surgery risks

A bunionectomy may not give a patient the feet they've always dreamed of.

Individuals should be aware of bunion surgery risks People who experience bunions have to endure many side effects of the deformity, including foot pain, hindered mobility and the inability to wear certain shoes. These factors may be enough to make an individual consider going under the knife. 

However, there are risks that come along with any type of operation, including bunion surgery.

First, a bunion correction takes time to heal. It depends on the individual, but it may be months before the affected foot is fully operational and pain-free, according to the American Health Network.

In some cases, a patient may develop an infection following the surgery. This may require antibiotics or other follow-up treatments. Additionally, the health source reports that a surgeon may make a mistake and "over-correct" a bunion, resulting in a big toe that points inward, rather than toward the other toes. reports that having an unrealistic expectation of bunion surgery results may leave a patient feeling dissatisfied. Individuals considering the operation should know that the goal is not to attain perfect feet, but to relieve pain and remove protruding bone.

Bunion splints or orthotics have been shown to help individuals heal correctly following bunion surgery. Additionally, the devices may help prevent the deformity from advancing. 


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