Shoemakers grapple over red-soled heels

Purveyor of bunion-causing shoes, Christian Louboutin has taken Yves Saint Laurent to court over his trademark red soles. 

Shoemakers grapple over red-soled heelsFor many fashionistas, the flash of a cherry-red sole on a shoe means one thing: Christian Louboutin. The French designer is going to great lengths to keep things this way, as he recently sued design house Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) for trademark infringement after they released a pair of solid red suede peep toes. 

New York Magazine reports that Louboutin claims to be the first designer to come out with a red-soled shoe, a feature that he trademarked in 2008.

However, representatives from YSL disagree and said that Louboutin has no right to "monopolize a color," the magazine reported.

The judge is still deliberating on the case.

Any pair of shoes in which the sole is visible while the wearer is standing has the potential to lead to bunions or hammer toe. The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons reports that high heels may exacerbate bunions because of the undue pressure they place on the forefoot.

Luckily, bunion splints or orthotics come at a fraction of the price of a pair of Louboutin or YSL heels, so fashionistas may have a non-invasive way to take care of their bony protrusions. 


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