Bachmann's migraines may put her at lower risk of bunions

Presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann reportedly blamed her migraine headaches on wearing high heels. 

Bachmann's migraines may put her at lower risk of bunions The Daily Caller has reported that Rep. Michele Bachmann allegedly complained to her staff that wearing high heels induces severe migraines. 

A subsequent article in the health section of Time magazine's website reported that the stress she is under as a result of her campaign is a more likely source of her headaches.

However, the article quoted an expert who suggested that it may be possible for high heels to cause headaches.

“Some women recommend that you avoid high heels if you suffer from migraines because the muscular tension that heels put on your back can lead to migraines,” said Jane Andersen, member of the American Podiatric Medical Association, quoted by the news source.

While it's debatable whether Bachmann's footwear has been leading to headaches, she may still want to consider choosing flats, since campaigning in high heels may lead to bunions. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons reports that wearing towering shoes may exacerbate bunions.

Luckily, if Bachmann does develop a bunion or hammer toe, she may be able to continue traveling and giving speeches across the country, since bunion splints or orthotics can help to prevent or treat the foot conditions.

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