Choosing an athletic shoe takes consideration

Athletes have special needs, especially when it comes to footwear. 

Choosing an athletic shoe takes consideration Shoes are an integral part of optimal performance and injury prevention for many athletes, reports Reuters.

Since not all feet were created equal, the article gives advice on choosing the appropriate footwear based on sport-of-choice and personal needs.

"Your shoes are, from safety and comfort standpoint, the most important thing about your fitness," said Kevin Burns of the American Council on Exercise, quoted by the news source. "They are the most important success tool one can invest in."

Cross training shoes may be suitable for individuals who go running some days, play tennis on others and engage in the occasional basketball game. However, people who specialize in one activity should choose footwear made especially for that sport.

Individuals can tell if they have misalignment by looking at the wear and tear on an old pair of sneakers. For instance, people with bunions will likely have worn fabric near the big toe join., a New Balance website, has a special section to help individuals with bunions find athletic shoes. The brand offers a variety of models that have wide toe boxes, designed especially for individuals with bunions.

Additionally, bunion splints or orthotics may help correct the bony deformity without the need for painful bunion surgery


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