Tips for looking fashionable with bunions

It's possible to continue wearing stylish footwear, even with bunions or hammer toe. 

Tips for looking fashionable with bunions A reader of The Globe and Mail asked the news provider's in-house doctor, Sheila Wijayasinghe, whether she could continue wearing her beloved high heels past the age of 35, as foot pain began to set in. 

Wijayasinghe provided the reader with some tips on finding heels that may not induce foot pain or exacerbate bunions.

First, fashionable bunion-sufferers should always wear shoes that fit properly and try to stick with heels no higher than two inches. Additionally, the expert recommended looking for a pair with good cushioning.

The Wall Street Journal reported that there are several styles out there that will allow women to be fashionable and comfortable.

According to the news source, shoes made by Taryn Rose, a former Reebok and Rockport designer, are often crafted with comfort in mind. The source added that women with bunions have reported a preference for Cole Haan footwear.

Individuals who wish to prevent or correct bunions or hammer toe may also turn to bunion splints or orthotics, which can help reduce the appearance of the deformities while helping users avoid painful bunion surgery.

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