Visit a podiatrist to catch bunions in early stages

Feet change as a person ages, so it may be a good idea to schedule regular appointments with a podiatrist.

Visit a podiatrist to catch bunions in early stagesThe old adage that "prevention is the best medicine" may be especially true for deformities like bunions or hammer toe, which tend to progress and become harder to treat as the joint of the big toe becomes more inflamed and loses flexibility. 

An article in the Chicago Tribune recommends scheduling regular trips to the podiatrist to help identify foot problems as a person ages.

"I always suggest coming in for an initial look once you're past your 30s," said podiatrist Kirk Contento, quoted by the news source. "We're all about preventing little problems from developing into something major later."

A different podiatrist in the article recommended using orthotics to prevent fallen arches - or plantar fasciitis.

Orthotics have also been known to help prevent or correct hammer toe, since they help to redistribute pressure in the foot.

Additionally, bunion splints may help reduce the appearance of bunions, allowing the user to bypass the need for bunions surgery.

The National Institutes of Health reports that it's wise to contact a healthcare provider if foot pain is not alleviated with self care, hinders activity or appears to be stemming from an infection. 

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