Foot pain is an occupational hazard for many

From mail carriers to flight attendants, jobs are causing foot conditions that are painful and damaging.

Foot pain is an occupational hazard for many When people think about occupational hazards, police officers, firefighters and construction workers may all come to mind as workers who are prone to injury on the job. However, Prevention magazine reports that employees in an array of fields experience one common problem: foot pain

The news source asked several women what they to do relieve their job-related discomfort.

A fitness instructor from Connecticut told the magazine that she alleviates her achy feet and sore arches by choosing Avia sneakers supplemented with orthotics for proper support.

New York waitress and hostess Carrie Amos said foot massages help reduce her foot pain.

A Texas flight attendant told the source that she makes sure to drink plenty of water and rubs her feet with tea tree oil - a natural fungicide - to stave off swelling and foul odor.

An article on the website for EHS Today reports that employees who work on their feet should go shoe shopping at the end of their shift to find footwear that fits properly, since this is the time when feet are most swollen.

Standing on one's feet all day may be especially uncomfortable for employees with bunions. Luckily, bunion splints or orthotics can help correct the deformity without the need for bunion surgery


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