Nurses have special needs for shoes, hosiery - especially those with bunions

Integral hospital staffers spend hours on their feet tending to the pain of others, but they may be causing pain for themselves. 

Nurses have special needs for shoes, hosiery - especially those with bunionsIn today's healthcare environment, nurses and other staffers are expected to work shifts as long as 12 to 16 hours, spending much of that time on their feet. As a result, individuals in this profession tend to have a host of foot and lower extremity problems, from bunions to spider veins.

News source Nurse Week recommended choosing comfortable shoes and supportive orthotics for healthcare professionals experiencing foot pain.

The latter device may be most important for nurses, reported podiatrist Julia Overstreet.

"One of the biggest problems I see with the population as a whole, and certainly with my nurse patients, is plantar fasciitis, which is basically heel pain," Overstreet said, quoted by the source.

The Cleveland Clinic reports that support hose, or compression stockings, may help prevent or treat spider veins, which may occur in individuals who work on their feet.

Nurses who wish to prevent or correct bunions may want to consider bunion splints or orthotics, which may help them bypass the need for bunion surgery


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