Switch up sports to avoid injury, bunions

A new study reveals that kids who specialize in just one sport may be at higher risk for injuries.

Switch up sports to avoid injury, bunionsLoyola University Health System researchers have found that kids and teens who train intensely for one sport are more likely to have an activity-related injury than those who participate in various sports. 

Scientists noted that the finding supports a recommendation by the American Academy of Pediatrics to encourage multiple activities for kids so they can develop an array of skills.

"We should be cautious about intense specialization in one sport before and during adolescence. Parents should consider enrolling their children in multiple sports," said senior author Neeru Jayanthi.

The study revealed that 60 percent of athletes who sustained an injury were those who were specializing in one sport.

Injuries included muscle strains, knee pain and rotator cuff tendonitis. Additionally, the athletes experienced more serious injuries like abnormalities in knee cartilage and spine stress fractures.

Individuals who make intense, repeated motions with their feet while playing sports are also more prone to developing bunions or hammer toe, which are known to occur in kids as young as 13. Concerned parents may want to consider bunion splints or orthotics to help prevent bunions or hammer toe from advancing. Additionally, playing more than one sport may reduce instances of repeated motion. 


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