Nine West releases line that may provide relief for those with bunions

Popular shoemaker Nine West has announced that they will be releasing a line of fashionable sneakers. 

Nine West releases line that may provide relief for those with bunionsIndividuals with the painful, protruding deformity known as a bunion sometimes struggle to find footwear that is both stylish and provides them with the space and comfort needed to accommodate the calloused bump on the inner edge of their feet. 

So, the news that Nine West is scheduled to release a line of stylish sneakers in spring 2012 may provide some welcomed relief.

"The extension of Nine West into the hot, fashion athletic arena takes one of the world's premier footwear brands to an exciting, new level," said Richard Dickson, spokesperson for Nine West's parent company, The Jones Group.

The new Nine West brand will be called Nine West Original Sneakers and will be sold at department stores as well as the brand's retail stores.

The Jones Group will partner with Los Angeles-based fashion sneaker company Philip Simon Brands Group to create the line.

In the meantime, individuals with bunions or hammer toe may want to consider using bunion splints or orthotics to help reduce the appearance of the deformity while avoiding the need for bunion surgery

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