Improper foot positioning may lead to ankle sprains

A new study reveals that individuals who walk with atypical foot motion - like those with bunions, hammer toe or foot pain - may have a higher risk of ankle sprain. 

Improper foot positioning may lead to ankle sprains Podiatrists and chiropractors have long known that improper landing mechanics in walkers and runners have a tendency to lead to injury. Now, a study has revealed that it's not just how the foot lands, but its position before hitting the ground as well that can lead to sprained ankles. 

The researchers used motion capture equipment to study the feet of 30 male athletes while they walked or ran. The scientists found that having a short distance between the foot and ground while running and downward-pointing toes raised the athletes' risk of ankle injury.

"Almost everyone who is physically active will suffer an ankle sprain at some point," said lead author, Cathleen Brown Crowell. "Many people develop repetitive ankle injuries that are painful, can decrease performance and increase the risk of ankle osteoarthritis."

Many individuals with bunions also experience improper landing mechanics and hindered movement while walking or running due to the pain and loss of joint movement that comes with a bunion.

Results of this study suggest that bunion splints or orthotics may help to prevent ankle injuries, since they are known to aid in correcting bunions or hammer toe

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