Ankle brace shown to prevent injuries in basketball players

A study revealed that wearing a lace-up ankle brace may reduce instances of injury in athletes, many of whom are prone to bunions and other lower extremity problems.

Ankle brace shown to prevent injuries in basketball players A team of researchers at the University of Wisconsin, Madison recently revealed that high school basketball players had a significantly lower rate of ankle injuries when they wore a lace-up brace while playing, compared to their counterparts who did not wear a brace. 

In fact, 78 injuries occurred in the control group, compared to just 27 in the group that wore the brace.

"Seeing [three times] the amount of acute ankle injuries without the brace is a telling statistic," said lead researcher, Timothy McGuine. "Having more players wear a brace on a regular basis would help prevent injury."

Basketball players and other athletes commonly develop injuries and problems with their feet, ankles, knees and hips as a result of making frequent stopping and starting motions. Bunions and hammer toe happen to be among such issues, and these deformities can lead to injuries in other joints.

Luckily, bunion splints or orthotics can help prevent or correct bunions or hammer toe, bypassing the need for painful bunion surgery


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