Toe shoes may be beneficial for those with bunions

A new style of shoes may help people with a certain bony deformity, but others should beware.

Toe shoes may be beneficial for those with bunions Runners may be noticing a new kind of shoe appearing in sportswear stores. Called "toe shoes," the new athletic footwear resembles a glove for the foot, with individual compartments for each toe.

The shoes have people wondering if they are beneficial to the feet, and if they'll help or hurt common foot problems such as heel pain or bunions. National Public Radio recently reported on the subject and spoke with podiatrist Dr. James Christina.

One company that makes these shoes, believes that they may be beneficial to people with bunions because the individual slots allow toes to splay out and have more room to "breathe." There is some evidence to support this, since the The American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society recommends shoes that do not constrict the foot to combat bunions.

These shoes aren't for everyone, however.

"It's not something that's going to be good for everybody," Christina told NPR's Michelle Norris. "There's going to be certain people who will do very well with the minimalist-type shoe," but others will need more arch support and may find the shoes uncomfortable, he added. Depending on the shape of their feet and how these individuals walk, toe shoes may not be beneficial.

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