Flip-flops may cause foot pain

Popular footwear may cause more harm than good.

Flip-flops may cause foot painAlthough flip-flops have often been a staple of summer wardrobes, they may be harmful to the feet. News website NorthJersey.com reports that the shoes do not offer proper arch support for hardworking feet, and advise against wearing them for long periods of time.

Dr. Richard Kaul told the news source that wearing flip-flops can cause long term problems. "Sandals do not provide support to the arches of the feet," he said, adding that "because of this, the ligaments between the bones of the foot become strained, The foot muscles begin to compensate for this lack of support and ligaments and tendons become swollen and strained."

The article suggested that flip-flops should be worn only in moderation, and some people with certain types of feet should avoid them altogether. For example, those who require arch support, experts in the article suggest, should wear sandals that have a strap going from one side of the ankle to the other to stabilize the foot.

The educational website Present Podiatry.com offers lectures on a variety of feet issues. One lecture mentioned that flip-flops may cause heel pain, one of the most common complaints podiatrists see daily.

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