Ways to protect the feet during the summer

Summertime can be both good and bad for the feet.

Ways to protect the feet during the summer In the summertime, some enjoy wearing sandals to show off their feet. However, it is also a time when people become self-conscious about foot problems such as bunions or calluses. Recently, the UK website Wales Online offered tips on how to keep feet looking great in the hot weather.

Foot specialist Anthony Perera told the news provider that just as people protect the rest of their bodies with sunscreen on sunny days, feet also deserve attention. He recommended wearing shoes and socks made from natural fibers to allow feet to “breathe” as much as possible. He also reminded readers to wear sunscreen on their feet, something people often overlook, and which can lead to painful sunburns and blisters.

The good news he had for bunion sufferers is that the summer weather provides an opportunity to wear sandals, which put less pressure on the feet. Not all work environments allow for this, however, and the summer can be particularly uncomfortable for those who have bunions and are required to wear constricting shoes.

For people with bunions, a foot splint such as Bunion Aid from Alpha Orthotics may provide relief of pain and discomfort, and may help prevent the condition from progressing to the point where they may need an expensive surgery.


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