Doctor’s thoughts on bunion treatment

Doctor warns against delaying bunion treatment until the condition is advanced.

Doctor’s thoughts on bunion treatment Many Americans believe that they know what a bunion is and when it becomes a serious problem, but according to Dr. Neal M. Blitz most individuals do not understand when to seek treatment. Blitz goes on to explain the important things people need to know about bunions, and when the proper time is to take action against them.

He reported on the Huffington Post website that bunions occur more often in women than they do in men due to the over-usage of uncomfortable high heels. It is also possible that a person has inherited their propensity to develop bunions. Moreover, these deformities can come in different shapes and sizes. He encourages those with bunions to make proper lifestyle changes and seek treatment before the problem progresses.

“Some people wait until a bunion interferes with activities before seeking medical treatment and I think this is a mistake. Impact activities such as running or tennis may be more challenging to perform. If left ignored, simple everyday walking may become problematic,” Blitz told the news provider.

The expert recommended wearing comfortable shoes as a possible way to prevent an onset of bunions.

The Doctors of Podiatric Medicine website reports that bunions occur in 33 percent of the population in western countries.Those who may already be suffering, and those wishing to prevent bunions, should consider using a foot splint such as Bunion Aid from Alpha Orthotics

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