How to get the best results with a bunion splint

Bunion splints have been known to help correct a bunion, but there are some key things to remember for optimal results. 

Bunion Aid from Alpha OrthoticsMany individuals turn to devices like bunion splints or orthotics in an effort to correct their foot deformity while avoiding the need for painful, expensive bunion surgery.

However, there are some best practices that should be used in order to get optimal results from a bunion splint or orthotic.

First, choose a model that can be adjusted for size. Proper fit of a bunion splint is key in correcting the bony protrusion. Place the brace part of the splint along the foot's metatarsal bone and follow instructions to secure the bunion splint snugly to the foot.

A hinged splint allows the user to walk while wearing it, which may help speed up the process of correcting a bunion.

Individuals will need to wear the splint regularly for six to eight weeks before they begin to see improvements. After that, they should remember to wear it two to three times weekly in order to maintain progress.

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