Support of all three arches needed to prevent bunions

Inadequate arch support may lead to compromised balance and the development of bunions or hammer toe.

Support of all three arches needed to prevent bunions Many people are aware that good arch support is an important part of foot health. But did you know that there are actually three arches in the foot that require stability in order to preserve balance and prevent deformity?

Kevin Wong, a California chiropractor, recently told Alpha Orthotics of a woman who came into his office complaining of lower back pain. To her surprise, Wong began the exam by looking at her feet.

"The body is a fluid, kinematic chain of events and is not static," Wong said. "Every biomechanical imbalance is transmitted to the spine."

He said that all three arches - transverse, medial and lateral - must be supported in order to maintain proper biomechanics.

Wong recommended a bunion splint for the woman's pain, stating that it may be effective for preventing stress in the arches, thereby stabilizing landing mechanics and the spine. He said the Bunion Aid by Alpha Orthotics may be especially helpful, since it can be worn at night and during the day.

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