Harvard offers three tips to stave off bunions

Some foot conditions can be prevented by taking some simple provisions. 

Three tips to stave off bunionsAn article in the Harvard Health Record reports that keeping bunions, plantar fasciitis and other foot dysfunctions at bay may be as easy as keeping three factors in mind. 

First, well-fitted shoes are key. Choose a pair that does not pinch the toes, has a low heel and supportive cushioning. Also, remember that it is necessary for footwear to be replaced regularly, as wear and tear can reduce support.

Secondly, the institution recommends that overweight - and especially obese - individuals lose weight to keep undue stress off of their feet.

Lastly, the article reported that walking is an effective way to strengthen feet and ward off problems like bunions or fallen arches.

According to MedicineNet.com, bunions or hammer toe can be treated with foot supports, such as bunion splints or orthotics.

These devices may also help individuals avoid painful bunion surgery, which can take months to heal from and pose a significant cost if the operation is not covered by insurance. 

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