Padding to prevent foot pain

Summer shoes and bunions may require some extra cushioning for comfort.

Padding to prevent foot pain While it's no doubt a great feeling to shuck socks and boots in favor of sandals when the weather starts to warm up, strappy footwear poses a catalog of foot problems, especially when feet get sweaty and swollen. 

An article in the Wall Street Journal tests several of the products available to help prevent blisters, rubbing and foot pain when wearing footwear such as gladiator sandals, wedges and slingbacks.

Tried and true moleskin beat out a new product by Band-Aid, a gel pad that is supposed to help blisters heal, as well as Dr. Scholl's Rub Relief foam strips.

"We always, always, always use moleskin" on set, says Ellen Mirojnick, a Hollywood designer, quoted by the news source.

The California Podiatric Medical Association reports that padding bunions when wearing shoes may help to reduce foot pain and irritation.

Buying shoes that fit properly is key in preventing foot problems. This is especially important for individuals with bunions or hammer toe.

People who wish to prevent or correct bunions or hammer toe may also want to consider bunion splints or orthotics, which may help them avoid painful bunion surgery.

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