A revamped Danish Ballet scheduled for U.S. tour

Ballerinas worked hard for upcoming shows, but may have developed bunions as a result.

A revamped Danish Ballet scheduled for U.S. tourFormer New York City Ballet star and artistic director of the Danish Ballet Nikolaj Hubbe has been hard at work helping the dancers of his company perfect their bunion-inducing pointe technique and classical style to help them get ready to tour the U.S., Reuters reported.

The tour began last month in California, and includes works by Jorma Elo, Flemming Flindt and George Balanchine.

Hubbe told the news source that the company wasn't so much in need of a "facelift," but definitely needed some adjustments.

"You need to adjust the spirit so that there is still a sense of youthfulness and freshness about the face," Hubbe said, quoted by Reuters.

While the ballet is likely to be a spectacular show, it's also probable that a few of the dancers developed bunions or hammer toe as a result of intense training.

MedicineNet.com reports that bunions are very common among ballet dancers because of the weight they put on their toes when performing pointe.

Luckily, the ladies may not need to endure bunion surgery, since bunion splints or orthotics may be able to prevent or correct bunions or hammer toe non-invasively. 


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