Improve foot landing mechanics to prevent bunions

Gain symmetry and proper alignment in order to keep bunions and injuries at bay. 

Improve foot landing mechanics to prevent bunionsRunners often develop bunions as a result of repeated, high-impact movement in the feet, and the bony deformity can be made even worse if an athlete's foot landing mechanics are off. Additionally, improper movement can hinder race times. reports that there are four components to take into consideration when it comes to improving running mechanics: stride, alignment, momentum inhibitors and symmetry.

The source reports that addressing these four factors - in their listed order - may help to prevent injury as well as improve running economy. supports the idea that imbalanced landing mechanics can lead to injury, but that the cause of such dysfunction is likely unique for different runners.

"Every runner will have a their own threshold of tolerance to the stresses of running, and it will take a unique combination of factors to tip that runner’s body over the threshold and in to injury," according to the site.

Improving foot landing mechanics may help to prevent bunions or hammer toe from forming. Conversely, correcting a bunion or hammer toe may lead to better running economy.

Runners with bunions or hammer toe may want to consider using bunion splints or orthotics to help correct deformities without the need for bunion surgery

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