Bronx podiatrist can remove bunions with revolutionary care

Foot specialist offers top-notch care at New York care center.

Wear bunion splint after bunion surgeryPodiatrist Neal M. Blitz is the chief of foot surgery and associate chair of orthopaedics with the Department of Orthopaedics at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, and he recently announced that he and his team of five specialized doctors have revolutionized foot surgery, bringing in patients from out of the country with their modern techniques.

“A painful foot is one of those things that affect[s] every aspect of a person’s life, as we need our feet to walk and be productive. I can make significant, meaningful improvements in the quality of life of my patients,” Blitz said.

They specialize in flatfoot correction, corrective operations, bunion surgery as well as techniques to treat congenital deformities, clubfoot and tarsal coalition.

The center offers the most high-tech, modern advances in foot surgery, which undoubtedly comes with a hefty price tag, especially for operations not covered by insurance.

Individuals may want to consider bunion splints or orthotics to help prevent or correct bunions or hammer toe and perhaps avoid painful, expensive bunion surgery. Additionally, the medical devices may be helpful in ensuring proper healing after bunion surgery. 

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