Celebrities donate shoes for relief charity

Caution, ill-fitted shoes from celebrities might cause bunions or hammer toe.

Celbrities donate shoes to charityWhen Hurricane Katrina struck the country's southern states in 2005, NBC employee Jennifer Wilson wanted to help. So she started a charity called Soles4Souls, which provides shoes to victims of natural disasters with the help of celebrities.

This year, Spike Lee, the cast of Saturday Night Live and baseball players Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez, among others, will donate signed shoes to the charity for auction in an effort to raise money.

"I'm a Louisiana girl with family in New Orleans, so I saw first-hand the destruction, pain, and uncertainty that comes with a natural disaster," Wilson said. "I started this to help those that helped us."

Now through June 22, individuals can visit CharityBuzz.com to bid on their favorite celebrities' shoes.

However, charitable consumers should be forewarned to simply use the footwear as collectors items, since wearing ill-fitted shoes has been shown to cause bunions or hammer toe.

Luckily, bunion splints or orthotics may be helpful in preventing or correcting bunions or hammer toe for those who can't resist the urge to put themselves in the shoes of a celebrity.

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