Flash mobs bring dancers to the Mall

Too much dancing may exacerbate bunions.

Mall flash mobs bring out dancersThis past spring witnessed an unusual outbreak of flash mobs - or groups of organized dancers who break out into their routine spontaneously in public - at the National Mall near the Jefferson Memorial.

While the first group was reportedly arrested and "roughed up," according to the Washington Post, the events spurred Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton to call for a National Dance Day, which would take place July 30 at the memorial.

"The spontaneous Mall flash mobs we have seen are a virtual call for more participatory activities and events on the Mall," said Norton, quoted by the news source.

The event sounds like good, clean fun, but for individuals with a hereditary predisposition for bunions, it may mean disaster.

The National Institutes of Health reports that people often exacerbate their bunions by dancing. Moreover, the agency states that bunion surgery may prevent a dancer from busting out moves in the future, since it hinders motion in the joint of the big toe.

Luckily, bunion splints or orthotics have been shown to help prevent or treat bunions or hammer toe without the need for painful bunion surgery. 

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