Walking the line between comfort and style

Stylish tips to avoid bunions and hammer toes

stylish tips to avoid bunionsFootwear designer Alejandro Ingelmo recently shared with the Charlotte Observer his tips on how women can look stylish every day while saving themselves from bunions, hammer toe, calluses and foot pain caused by sky-high heels.

He said that kitten heels are a very pretty option, though gladiator sandals and ballet flats can be flattering and comfortable without any added height.

If extra inches are a must, Ingelmo says that slingbacks can give stature while still holding on to the foot, and platform wedges may put less pressure on the ball of the foot than traditional heels do.

"If a high heel is not made well, it's intimidating. But if you find the right pitch for your body type, your feet, your style, then your shoes can be perfect," Ingelmo said, quoted by the news source.

The Mayo Clinic recommends taking into account foot width and arch height when choosing a pair of shoes.

If bunions or hammer toe develop despite proper footwear, bunion splints or orthotics may be able to help correct the conditions without the need for painful bunion surgery

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