Want to spot a good dancer? Look for bunions, calluses

Look at the dancers' feet for talent

Spot a dancer with bunionsIn a recent Entertainment Weekly article, writer and former dancer Kate Ward reports on how to spot a good dancer during the audition segment of Fox's So You Think You Can Dance?

A good background story, an alluring dance ensemble and effortless moves are among Ward's telltale signs of true talent, but she also advised readers to have a close look at the dancers' feet.

"General rule of thumb here: The more disgusting the feet, the more gorgeous the dancing. Look for bandages, blisters, and bunions. Beauty is pain," Ward wrote.

Indeed, dancers do put a lot of strain on their feet. An article in the Guardian reported on a young ballerina who was so embarrassed by her calloused bunions, black toenails and thick patches of dry skin that she hesitated to tell her fellow dancers about them. When she finally spilled her dirty secrets, the other ballerinas informed her that ugly feet are just part of the sport.

Dancers and ballerinas who long for pretty feet may find hope in bunion splints or orthotics, which have been shown to help prevent or correct bunions or hammer toe without the need for painful, expensive bunion surgery.

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